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Fighting ransomware is a reality…even for Dentists

A ransomware attack has reportedly crippled approximately 400 dental practices across the United States. The ransomware attack has locked up access to patient files such as x-rays, charts, and payment ledgers. Some of the dentists affected by the attack described it as devastating as they were not able to see many patients since access to taking and viewing x-rays was disabled by the ransomware. Hundreds of practices are still in the process of recovering from the ransomware attack several days later.

Total highly recommends a business continuity / disaster recovery solution that takes incremental backups of data – this way a business can be restored to a pre-attack backup, if necessary. Optimally, you must protect your files and systems with a multi-layered cybersecurity solution including 24×7 monitoring, patch management & OS updates, awareness training, multi-factor authentication, and more.

Learn more about Total’s Layered Defense cybersecurity offering, a comprehensive solution that integrates overlapping layers of security into an effective cyber shield.

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