January 3

Fight These Top 4 IT Security Threats with IT Consulting on Long Island

Working with IT consulting firms on Long Island will help you avoid top IT security attacks that are affecting businesses today.

Cybersecurity attacks have become rampant. You must be conscious of the latest cyber-attacks. It will help you minimize your business exposure to cybercriminals and ensure the security measures of your business are up to par.

Here are the top four IT security threats to watch out:


Phishing attacks are responsible for about 90% of all data breaches businesses face. Phishing occurs when attackers presents themselves as a trusted contact.

Rather than targeting any technology weakness in your business, phishing attackers use social engineering to target persons in your company.

The attacker pretends to be a legitimate business contact by email spoofing or phone number spoofing. They entice a user to click on a malicious link to either download a malicious file that gives them access to sensitive information/data.


  • Have strong email security that protects phishing emails from reaching your staff inboxes
  • Train and test your employees on how to spot and report phishing attacks
  • Use reliable email and spam filters


A ransomware attack is the most feared cyber-attack. The attackers use purpose-built malware to infect the database and encode a company’s data and network so that you cannot access or use it.

Once your business network is locked, hackers will send a message demanding hefty payment to unlock the data. They also threaten to delete your data if a ransom is not paid.

IT consulting firms on Long Island can help you avoid ransom attacks and reduce their impact by maintaining a data backup and ransomware recovery strategy. This will help you continue providing uninterrupted services after an attack without paying for ransom.


  • Train employees to recognize phishing attacks as ransomware finds their way into a network via such email
  • Keep software updated
  • Use virus/malware scanning for all email attachments

Drive-by Download Attack

A drive-by-download attack enables malicious code to be downloaded from an internet site without involving the end-user. The malicious code finds its way to your security system as you use the internet. Apps and browsers will have URLs that look real but are malicious.


  • Keep your browsers updated to help identify malicious sites
  • Use safe search tools to filter potential threats before you navigate them

Inadequate Patch Management

Many cybercriminals target known security bugs in business software and programs. Manufactures always release patches to address vulnerabilities in their operating systems and software.

Patches are essential to the security of your business. Yet, they are frequently ignored, which leaves companies in a more vulnerable to even a primary cybersecurity threat.

Long Island IT support providers will update all your software to the latest security versions as soon as they are available. Though the bugs have fixes, they are only useful when they are applied timely.


For the safety of your business from cybercriminals, you need to partner with IT professionals. At Total Technology Solutions, we provide IT consulting services on Long Island. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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