July 20

Facebook and Twitter Security Best Practices | Cyber Security on Long Island

Social media can be a vector for cybercriminals, but there are things which can help you avoid being negatively impacted.

Steps You Can Take

While monitoring and support through external MSPs can be fine for network needs, when it comes to social media, there can be limitations. However, there are things you and staff can do which will help, and cyber security professionals on Long Island can provide information on best practices as regards security. A few things most security experts will advise businesses do to secure social media include the following:

Strong Passwords and Lock Screens

Change passwords every week or every month. Password management is a very wise move. New passwords are a small measure that has a lot of applicability.

Beyond passwords, you want to make sure you lock your screen whenever you’re not on the device; otherwise, a passerby could access your accounts without authorization.

Truncate Personal Info You Put on Social Media

Cyber security experts on Long Island strongly advise limiting personal or occupational info on your social media profiles. If you’re an open book, hackers can just cherry-pick personal details from your page and use them to gain collateral access they shouldn’t have.

Be Careful What “Friends” You Add When Requested

Don’t authorize friend requests from unknown individuals. A lot of threats which impact social media have to do with fraudulent profiles used to glean information and spam unknowing individuals.

Explore Existing Contacts And Eliminate The Spurious Ones

Sometimes you’ll have existing contacts that are troublesome. Have you had a friend request you that you could have sworn was already in your contacts? Often hackers do this to confuse targets. Explore existing contacts and delete or block the spurious ones.

Safe Social Media Utility

Total Technology Solutions can help you design and manage strong passwords. Additionally, we advise locking screens when not at a given device, being careful who you add, reducing what info you put on social media, and eliminating suspicious contacts from your friends list. This won’t stop everything in terms of social media threats, but it will inhibit quite a few of them. To learn more, reach out to our cyber security team on Long Island.

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