October 6

Exploring Wireless Networking with the Help of IT Consulting Experts on Long Island

Pros and Cons to Consider

Companies offering IT consulting services on Long Island are advocates of modern tech innovations. There are sometimes unexpected downsides to certain innovations, though. Similarly, there can be advantages you didn’t realize were there. Such pros and cons exist in abundance as regards wireless networking.

A Few Notable Considerations

Several pros and cons IT companies on Long Island think those using tech regularly should be aware of include:

  • Pros: Increased Flexibility, Availability, Efficiency, and Savings
  • Cons: Security, Installation, Coverage, and Transmission Speeds

Pros: Increased Flexibility, Availability, Efficiency, and Savings

IT consulting companies on Long Island commonly help businesses seeking to save money make the wireless switch. You don’t have to pay for wires or install them into infrastructure. Wireless networks are more available because you just need a web-capable device and a connection. Altogether, these things facilitate savings, flexibility, and increased availability.

Cons: Security, Installation, Coverage, and Transmission Speeds

However, IT experts also do point out a few issues with wireless infrastructure. Security lags. You’ll need to update on-site security to keep cybercriminals from exploiting a totally wireless network. Installation can be a bit complex, and coverage may depend on architectural infrastructure. Sometimes the way a building is constructed can inhibit wireless signals. Also, the speed of transmission may lag for varying reasons.

What you’ll want to do is have an MSP examine your business’s existing infrastructure, and help you strategically install wireless solutions in anticipation of such issues. Often, they can be overcome, though there are certain situations where this may not be the case. MSPs advise you.

Determining if Wireless Networking is Right for Your Business

IT consulting firms on Long Island including Total Technology Solutions believe that wireless networking systems have clear advantages. Operations become more flexible, networks are more available, productivity is more efficient, and you save. However, security suffers, installation can be complicated, coverage may not be uniform, and transmission speeds can be variable. There’s a tradeoff to consider. Whatever your situation, we can help advise you on the best move. Contact us today to learn more.

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