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An Explanation of SQL Injections, and How our IT Support Team on Long Island Can Boost Your Digital Security

Though few know it, the truth is SQL injections are one of the most common cyber-attacks. Sadly, this digital attack has the potential to prove quite harmful to businesses of all types. If you are even slightly concerned about losing data and ending up with crippled operations, it is in your interest to lean on our IT support team on Long Island for assistance.

The Basics of SQL Injection Attacks

SQL injection attacks are cyber-attacks in which hackers transmit harmful SQL statements by way of an application to manipulate the database. Such attacks have the potential to compromise a web application or a website reliant upon a SQL database. Examples include Microsoft SQL Server, Ingres, MySQL, Sybase, Oracle, etc.

Why SQL Injections are Such a Problem

If your organization suffers an SQL injection attack, the ramifications have the potential to be quite severe. The SQL injection sets the stage for a hacker to steal, delete or corrupt your data. The hacker can also obtain root access to the system, generate new records for additional breaches, compromise the server, alter privileges for unauthorized access and even launch a denial-of-service attack. In the end, the extent of the harm is determined by the hacker’s ability. The worst-case scenario is a full takeover of your web server. However, the damage also has the potential to be as minor as a database err.

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Attack Prevention Strategies

Above all, the best way to prevent a SQL injection attack is to rely on tech experts for assistance. Our IT support team on Long Island can help in several ways. As an example, it will certainly help to sanitize input by checking and filtering out user inputs, ensuring the application pinpoints unauthorized user inputs. Our team can also parameterize SQL code, passing those parameters to the query, enabling the database to distinguish between code and data, ultimately preventing digital miscreants from altering the query intent following command insertion.

Limiting user permissions also has the potential to help as it results in fewer accounts with permissions for read-write-execute. Even distrusting the totality of user input is prudent. Internal users’ input should be treated similar to that of an external source for optimal security. These are just some of the ways in which our IT services professionals on Long Island can boost your digital security.

At Total Technology Solutions, we can help you avoid SQL injections and other cyber threats. Reach out to our IT support team on Long Island to find out more about our IT services and schedule an initial consultation.

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