September 14

Essential Cyber Security Best Practices You Need to Implement in Your Business on Long Island

Dealing with cyber security concerns for your Long Island business is a reality for all types of companies. These cyber threats can lead to hours of downtime and even result in a data breach. Taking the additional steps to boost IT security in the workplace is critical in protecting your business from these evolving threats.

Here are a few of the top cyber security steps to remember in keeping your company safe:

Offer Employee Training

Cyber security incidents often happen due to employee mistakes. Employees need to understand basic IT security principles, such as creating strong passwords and learning how to spot phishing scams. An IT service provider can work with your business in developing employee training sessions to ensure your business remains up to date with the latest threats impacting your industry.

Back Up Critical Data

The failure to backup important data exposes your business to ransomware threats. Using technology that creates data backups in real-time will save your employees a lot of work while also giving you peace of mind. An IT provider specializing in cyber security on Long Island can help you choose the best software to ensure your data is safely backed up on the cloud.

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Maintain Network Security

Cybercriminals are constantly finding ways to infiltrate a network and gain access to confidential data. Maintaining firewall security is critical in keeping your network safe. Always making sure your router is password protected and using encryption are all key aspects in boosting network security for your business.

Use Antivirus Protection

Keeping your company safe against viruses and malware isn’t an easy task. Installing security software on all of your devices is essential to limiting the chance of a cybersecurity incident. Turning on automatic updates is also important to ensure everything remains up to date with the latest security patch.

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication

Creating a strong password isn’t enough in keeping an account safe from hackers. Enabling multi-factor authentication is another layer of protection that makes it difficult for your account to be hacked. Requiring each employee to change their password every three months is another way to boost security for your business.

At Total Technology Solutions, we understand that cyber threats never remain idle but are always evolving. Our cyber security professionals on Long Island can help ensure your business can get the best protection available. Contact us today to schedule a no-cost consultation and learn about our IT security services!

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