July 25

Enlisting the Services of an IT Support Provider in Long Island to Assess and Drive Cloud Maturity

Cloud computing can provide your business with a competitive advantage in today’s business environment. It’s beneficial to take your cloud maturity journey with an IT support provider in Long Island.

Cloud technology is still in its nascent stages, and there is a lot to learn about adoption and utility, including service maturity, security, interoperability, and data protection. Herein is an overview of the importance of analyzing your cloud adoption state to better position your cloud migration.

The Importance of Assessing Cloud Maturity

Having an IT support team in Long Island assess your cloud maturity helps identify appropriate solutions for cloud adoption. A maturity assessment serves as a roadmap to identify gaps, frameworks, and capabilities necessary to achieve specific cloud maturity levels.

You must understand cloud maturity from both service providers and consumers’ perspectives. This understanding enables you to define goals and formulate an informed cloud strategy. You can therefore determine cloud use-cases aligning with business objectives.

Stages to Cloud Maturity

  • On-Premise Systems – At this beginner stage, you utilize legacy technology, including distributed systems and manual processes. You aren’t leveraging cloud technology. Enlisting IT services in Long Island is vital to jumpstarting cloud migration.
  • Utilizing SaaS and IaaS – Enables you to focus on moving your data and applications with little to no infrastructure changes or redesign (lift and shift). You save costs and benefit from cloud disaster recovery. However, this stage is indicative of a lack of a cloud strategy.
  • Autonomous Platforms – This intermediate stage involves the adoption of PaaS and implementing API management and micro services. You are leveraging the benefits of cloud technology, and third-party assistance becomes essential.
  • Cloud-Native – At this advanced stage, your business has developed a cloud strategy and takes a cloud-based approach to infrastructure development.
  • Cloud Platform Systems – You have successfully executed your cloud migration strategy. Your focus is on cost reduction, scaling, and optimizing to fully benefit from cloud infrastructure.

Total Technology Solutions understands that today’s business landscape demands the development of an IT ecosystem optimized for change, indicative of cloud maturity.

Our IT support company in Long Island will help you plot a cloud maturity management and realization framework for better business operations, financial management, and security/compliance. Contact us today to learn more about our IT support services.

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