July 5

Enhancing Your Wireless Network Security with IT Support in Long Island

Most businesses today are increasingly using IT support in Long Island. The most common service is the Internet of Things (IoT), which is mostly used by financial institutions. Most businesses that use the IoT even add more connected devices such as cameras, sensors, and Bluetooth low energy beacons and many more others to their network environment. However, once you adopt IoT for your business, you need to take certain measures to ensure that the devices are safe to secure data transfer through them.
There are several approaches to take to enhance the security of your wireless network. Consider the following measures:

Network Segmentation

With network segmentation, you get to isolate and separate the IoT devices such that if one part of the network is infected, it will not harm other parts. This means that any threat on one part of the network is limited to that particular part only.


A survey recently found out that most wireless networks are open, and anyone can gather all traffic or even record sensitive information. The best way to avoid this is using WPA2 encryption. This kind of encryption cannot be broken into and it will bar malicious individuals from spying on your network activities.

Robust Authentication

User authentication ensures that you are aware of those accessing your network and you can even restrict user access. An IT support provider in Long Island can come in handy if you want to authenticate users.

Set Up a Virtual Private Network

Make a VPN a priority for your business, especially if you have external employee accessing the business network. A VPN creates an encrypted connection between external devices that use a public Wi-Fi connection and your business network. This protects your IoT devices and minimizes any unwanted entry into your business network.

Firewall Installation

Firewalls are a crucial line of defense against any unwanted access to your network. They even identify any suspicious files.

Penetration Test and Device Replacement

Still, in your wireless network defense, you should always be willing to replace your IoT devices whenever new ones with enhanced security protections come out. Replacement should be done based on the expiration of security defenses rather than operational life. You can further perform penetration test so that you can easily identify hidden vulnerabilities in your IoT devices.
IoT is essential for businesses, but as implied above, innovative solutions have to be deployed securely. Partnering with an IT support provider in Long Island will help you with the security of your IoT devices, thus securing your wireless network security. Contact us now at Total Technology Solutions to learn more about securing your business’s network.

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