March 8

How to Enhance Your Firewall Cyber Security with a Vulnerability Assessment

When was the last time you thought about your firewall security or your cyber security as a whole? If you are like most business owners, managers and employees, your focus is not on firewall security or vulnerability assessments. However, firewalls are important as they are the primary line of defense between your company’s network and the many threats that loom on the internet. Firewall configuration is just as important as the actual firewall. Add in the fact that networks evolve as time progresses and there is even more reason to check the configuration with regularity and make the necessary alterations.

Firewall Firmware

Firewalls are essentially computers running software. This means firewalls have the potential to have bugs amidst hundreds of lines of code. Therefore, patching firewalls will prove prudent at some point down the line. This patching occurs through a firmware upgrade that replaces the antiquated code with new code that is less vulnerable. Examples of bugs within code include problems with VPN code, administrator interfaces that are susceptible to attacks, and default passwords that are hidden.

Sweat the Small Stuff: Configuration Backups

Your firewall configuration must be backed up with regularity. Backing up a firewall configuration provides protection against events such as a direct hit from lightning. Firewall configuration backups also provide an opportunity to determine what has changed while troubleshooting an unanticipated issue and resorting to a configuration that you know to be safe should the unexpected arise.

Conduct a Vulnerability Scan

Vulnerability scans can be completed with open source tools. Such a scan provides helpful insight in regard to exposure and potential weaknesses. Perform this scan, and you will have done your part to secure your network so outside attacks are not successful. Conduct such scans prior to comprehensive penetration testing, and you will maximize value while enjoying priceless peace of mind.

Mind the Firewall Security Rules

Most businesses have network requirements that are dynamic rather than static. Whether you are moving to the cloud, transferring files, or doing something else, a firewall rule adjustment will be required. If such adjustments are undone, there will be vulnerabilities within this primary line of defense.

Lean on the Pros for a Vulnerability Assessment

Our cyber security team is here to perform a vulnerability assessment on your behalf. Our team will scan your firewall devices’ security, regardless of their location. We will evaluate the extent of each vulnerability in the context of attack vectors. Vulnerabilities will be prioritized based on their respective risk. Remediation is then performed to ensure all of your valuable information and tech are properly secured.

Total Technology Solutions is on Your Side

Our cyber security gurus are a call away. Reach out to us today to find out more about how we can improve your company’s digital security!

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