June 24

Employee Cyber Security Tips from IT Professionals in New York

Consulting with cyber security experts for your business in New York more than pays for itself through saved time and reduced trouble. If you’ve never built a house, consulting with contractors helps you get the right tools and avoid wasting money. Similarly, employees regularly utilizing technology need to be educated for safest operations, and there are best practices to consider.

Tips to Enable Your Employees for Greatest Effectiveness

Cyber security professionals in New York provide many direct services in terms of IT facilitation. But additionally, through provision of educational materials and consultation, you can strengthen internal security through the very actions of staff. Best practices to incorporate include:

Careful Clicks, Singular Device Users, Situational Awareness

IT security experts advise that nobody should click indiscriminately online. Employees need to be situationally aware.

Certain websites or popups aren’t to be trusted. Singular device use helps consolidate incidents and increase network security. Your staff should only use their specific devices except in special circumstances.

Be Sure Connections Are Secure, Facilitate Regular Updates

Your employees should not connect to insecure networks. Develop means of vetting internet connection for all users. Also, update security profiles in terms of firewalls and antivirus software through automated patching and specifically applied patching as necessary.

Mobile Security, Social Engineering Hacks, and Backups

Mobile device management (MDM), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and remote monitoring should be applied to mobile devices used via decentralized infrastructure in bring-your-own-device (BYOD) arenas. Additionally, train employees to avoid social engineering hacks, and facilitate backups as regularly as possible–continuously and automatically, if possible.

Informed Employees Expand Operational Security and Profitability

At Total Technology Solutions, our cyber security experts in New York can help you secure mobile devices, avoid social engineering hacks, facilitate efficient backups, determine secure connections, enable regular updates, and establish situationally aware employee operations. Contact us now for more information.

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