February 7

Effectively Managing New IoT Tech with IT Consulting in Long Island

Agony and Ecstasy: How Tech Paints Itself Into This Reality

There’s an old movie about Michelangelo with Charlton Heston called The Agony and the Ecstasy. It’s about what Michelangelo went through painting The Sistine Chapel. Well, essentially, IT consulting firms in Long Island deal with a similarly two-sided issue owing to IoT. It brings advantages, but it has its downsides in terms of security.

Notable IoT Risks

Managed services providers (MSPs) in Long Island can help you utilize IoT devices to their utmost, but doing so may put your business at risk. Consider these potential problems:

Not All IoT Can Be Managed; Work Around That Reality

IT consulting experts in Long Island advise that you should plan for IoT devices sneaking through traditional security regardless how comprehensive it is. Basically, only approved devices should have network access. If you’re approving devices individually rather than allowing access by default, that helps keep unsecured devices at bay.

Monitoring, Support, Penetration Testing, and Backups

Networks need to be monitored and supported accordingly. Penetration testing helps determine which aspects of your IoT surface area are giving you trouble. With increased tech surface area comes an increase in potential entry points. Accordingly, you want to be sure you’ve got solid data backup protocols in place at all times when running IoT tech.

Compartmentalization Of Core Data Is In Order

IT experts strongly recommend compartmentalization of data such that key information is cordoned off from what’s available to IoT networks.

Working with Tech Professionals to Find Your Secure IoT Balance

Our IT consulting team in Long Island can help you monitor, support, and test IoT to assure your operation is at its most secure. Assure you’ve got the right sort of backup solutions, and compartmentalize important information so it’s not as vulnerable. To learn more about IoT and the ways it could either serve or compromise operations, contact us at Total Technology Solutions.

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