January 12

Effective Cyber Security on Long Island for Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations must be extra careful to protect patient data with cyber security on Long Island to meet government compliance. Failing to follow HIPAA guidelines can lead to expensive fines. Due to the pandemic, healthcare operations are increasingly turning to digital communications, which can create security vulnerabilities. Here are important facts about security for healthcare organizations to know:

Why Attackers Target Healthcare Firms

One of the main reasons cybercriminals target healthcare organizations is because of all the confidential information stored in databases. Knowing basic facts and confidential information about an individual can lead to various forms of exploitation. Even if the hacker just sells the information to another criminal, the damage has been done — which can further hurt the victim.

The most advanced cyber security on Long island can still fail if the hacker is persistent enough and uses hacking tools to speed up the process. That’s why you need multilayered security, which requires taking several security measures and not just rely on one piece of antivirus software or login solution.

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Steps to Secure Your Network

Hackers often gain information about victims through social engineering, in which they establish a friendly online relationship while secretly plotting a future attack. One way to make your network more secure is to segment it so that different employees can only access limited resources that apply to their job position. You can also add virtualization in which multiple systems are stored on one physical server.

Staff training to beware of hackers is another crucial step that more businesses need to take. Most breaches are the result of employee error such as falling for an email phishing scheme. The hacker might pretend to be a company supervisor and ask the victim to give up confidential information or to log in to a fake page that steals a password. It’s essential that staff members these days are taught to spot fake email addresses that might resemble trusted domains but with a slight variation.

Hospitals that are going more digital should talk with their IT specialists about using encryption and 24/7 network monitoring software. These methods are fairly reliable at making hacking extremely difficult. Adding firewalls to the network is another effective security layer.


Even healthcare firms with the most robust cyber security on Long Island must take extra steps to ensure their networks are safe. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions to learn more about how we can provide solutions to make your network more secure.

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