July 16

Educate Your Employees for Better and Stronger Cyber Security in New York

Whether you know it or not, your business is at risk. A growing body of research finds that nearly 50% of small to medium-sized businesses fail to regularly maintain their cyber security in New York. Large corporations are no exception— look at Verifone, Blue Cross Blue Shield/Anthem, Equifax, even Verizon. All these major companies, multinational and multi-million-dollar businesses, fell prey to cyber-attacks. SMBs to take the lesson to heart considering the wave of data breaches that have occurred in 2017. Everyone is vulnerable. Processes and technologies aren’t always enough; you need to educate your employees on the importance of digital safety.
A tried and true element of network security, it is important to require multiple levels of authentication. Even something as simple as a username and password help deter cyber-attacks. Coach employees on effective password creation. Have them create login credentials that contain a base word of their choice. They must make sure that this word is complex enough to avoid easy loss. Have a system in place to tailor passwords for individual websites. Using variants of the base word for each site prevents a domino effect in the case of one breached password.
Mobile devices present one of the biggest challenges of cyber security in New York. They are the front door access to the rest of your secured network. When selecting the right company to help protect your business, make sure that you have access to adequate mobile device management. Your employees are constantly on the go. Companies no longer conduct business solely from the office. Inform your staff of the importance of keeping mobile technologies secure. They should know that it is never a good idea to conduct sensitive business on an unsecured network. Implement a virtual private network (VPN) or remote desktop protocol (RDP) to ensure continued and cost-effective network security.
As with any network security solution, universal encryption defends against all manner of attacks. Whenever and wherever your employees transmit sensitive information on your network, make sure that it has the strongest encryption possible.

Physical Security

Tech solutions to your security are absolutely vital. No one argues that. However, you must also educate staff on physical security. Though it should be a given, don’t ever leave a mobile device unattended. That is the quickest and easiest way to cause a serious data breach. When not in use by employees, you should store mobile devices in a secured location with no public access. Ensure the security of your other on-site technologies, as well.
Modern businesses need strong cyber security company in New York like never before. Shouldn’t you do everything you can to protect yourself? Total Technology Solutions has the solutions you need. When it comes to security solutions, no one delivers the expertise and professionalism that we do. Our team maintains your network and security technology to make sure you are not at risk. You can prevent data breaches and attacks from malware or hackers. Keep your business and your clients safe— contact us to learn more.

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