September 17

Does Your Business Need Penetration Testing from Cyber Security Firms on Long Island?

Every business operating online today has a set of security features to protect data from cyber-attacks. But how safe is your business from one? If someone was to hack your business today, would they get access to your files? Will you need support from cyber security firms on Long Island even with all the security systems?

The 2018 Global Security Report says that all web applications have a vulnerability. According to this report, the average number of vulnerabilities per web application was 11. This is a high number for applications your business uses daily. To ensure that your web application and your business are safe from cyber-attacks, you need to test and analyze the web application.

Determine Vulnerabilities

Penetration testing, referred commonly as pen test, is a coordinated review of your security system through an attack of your web applications. When doing so, a cyber security firm on Long Island will identify weaknesses in your software, hardware, and orgware. When the system weaknesses are identified, you are able to apply controls to prevent an attack.

Test Applied Controls

After the first test and implementation of controls, a second test is conducted to determine the effectiveness of implemented controls. This second test assures the management that company data is safe from an attack.

Applications used as avenues for attacks are tested during both the first and second testing. These applications are developed by people and are bound to have a loophole.

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Discover Bugs and Patch Applications

During a pen test, the attacker looks for bugs that might be slowing down applications or making the system vulnerable to attacks. The attacker applies patches or updates software to enhance security.

A Five-Step Process

The advent of Secure Software Development Lifecycle has made it possible for firms to test their systems. While pen testing should occur several times a year, most firms only test systems once a year.

Pen testing is a five-step process. It starts with planning and data gathering where data is collected on different applications. During this initial stage, the pen test method to use is identified.

The second step is scanning. Here, the target systems are scanned to collect more data. DAST and other tools are used in this step.

Gaining access and maintaining access are the third and fourth steps respectively. Methods such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting are uses to expose vulnerabilities. After gaining access, the attacker maintains access for as long as possible while accessing sensitive company data.

The last step is to cover tracks. Here, the attacker ensures they stay undetected. Simply, the test identifies how much damage an attacker can cause. After the test, controls are implemented and then a second test is carried out. The test should be done at least four times a year.


Keep your business safe at all times. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions to learn more about how our cyber security experts on Long Island can help secure your business from cyber-attacks.

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