June 9

Determine the Best Backup Tactics for Your Business with IT Consulting in Long Island

IT consulting firms in Long Island can help your SMB determine the right levels of backup security. Ideally, you’ve got things as secure as you can possibly get them, but there is such a thing as “overkill.” Different businesses will have different information that needs more or less protection. MSPs can help you find the best balance.

Regardless of the level of protection you ultimately obtain, there are security precautions necessary to ensure data is effectively preserved and represents a safety net for operations. IT support firms in Long Island will often advise SMBs to protect backup information through procedures such as the following:

Protect Backups with Passwords

IT consulting firms in Long Island commonly advise top-tier password protection be a defining factor in your backup paradigm. This helps ensure that no one who isn’t authorized can access the files and corrupt them either deliberately or accidentally.

Ensure Rights to Backup Data are Carefully Restricted

On that note, be as careful as it’s feasible to be in terms of restricting access to backup data. Only qualified, trusted personnel should have such access. The issue here pertains more to employee error than deliberate data damage, but this is also possible if you don’t restrict access properly.

Integrate Encryption, Put Physical Backups in a Safe, Log Everything

IT support firms in Long Island will additionally advise SMBs who keep backups on portable drives to secure those drives in a physical safe. Many SMBs don’t need enterprise-level server backups until they’ve become more established. Accordingly, they save data on backup drives which are portable. Storing these under lock and key is smart. Additionally, ensure you encrypt the data on these drives and log all backups you make— one may be incidentally corrupted.

Getting the Right Security for Your SMB

IT consulting firms in Long Island like Total Technology Solution can help your SMB integrate encryption, log all backups, secure physical safeguards as appropriate, identify what access restrictions make the most sense, and help you manage passwords. Contact us for more information on backup best practices.

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