November 23

Designing and Applying Effective Cyber Security Drills for Your New York Business

Cyber security experts in New York can help you design tech infrastructure, including methods of securing operations and recovering from unexpected issues. However, whatever solutions you choose must be tested, and that requires drilling.

How to Effectively “Drill”

Cyber security professionals in New York can help you determine how exactly to “drill” your IT infrastructure security solutions to assure they properly protect you. This will involve a number of teams doing different things, and you’ll need to understand just what “red teaming” means, as well as how to get what you need to be done effectively. Consider the following:

“Red” Teaming Defined

Cyber security experts advise using the red team approach over traditional penetration testing. Pen testing involves trying to find vulnerabilities in your system through tech professionals taking a concerted approach at breaking in. Red teaming is the next step up. It’s a group of tech people trying to break into your system in a “drill” motif, and as an antagonist. The “blue team” defends against this attack.

The Reason “Red” and “Blue” Teams Are Necessary

Because the red team represents hackers, it must necessarily backhand your tech company out of the blue, and the blue team must similarly defend. Now it’s best to outsource these drills through a tech company so your operation doesn’t miss a beat. That said, consultation can help you design such drills internally and put the right people to the task of penetration and defense.

Carrying Out “Cyber Drills”, and What You Should Expect

Cyber security specialists can help you achieve specific insights owing to concerted, controlled attacks; helping you patch vulnerabilities directly, and inform defense employees against future attacks from uncontrolled cybercriminal assailants.

Assuring Effective Cyber Security Through Drills

Cyber security experts in New York help up the ante on pen testing through red teaming. You’ll need a blue team as well, and through both groups interacting in situations which aren’t predictable through a third party, you can get the best security for your business. To learn more, contact us at Total Technology Solutions.

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