March 24

Defend Your Business Against Persistent Threats by Working with IT Support Experts on Long Island

TrickBot: A Scourge Since 2016

IT support providers on Long Island have to protect their clients against the newest viral threats impacting the business world. However, sometimes there are threats that hit the market and just keep making the rounds for years. TrickBot is one of those terrible programs. It was first noticed in 2016, and it targets Windows machines.

It’s designed so the end-user won’t notice; often requiring a systems administrator observing regular network operations to see there’s even something wrong. It’s a bot that comes from Russia originally, a virus called Dyreza, which developed some time in 2014.

It has become TrickBot, and the malware of TrickBot is designed to incorporate new malware elements as they become available, so the virus just keeps compounding on itself. Mainly, it targets financial institutions, and the goal is either to steal Bitcoin or other digital assets.

Exploitation of “Built-In” Vulnerability

Trickloader, Trickster, and TheTrick are other names TrickBot goes by. Compounding the issue is the means by which it gains access: EternalBlue vulnerability. Essentially, it sneaks in through no fault of users via Server Message Block (SMB) ports–just like WannaCry did in 2017. Once your network’s infected, the virus will just keep populating.

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Protection Steps

IT support experts on Long Island advise you use a few known protective measures:

  • Shroud operations in multiple protective layers
  • Keep all devices updated with the latest patches
  • Specifically patch against EternalBlue Vulnerability
  • Monitor networks continuously through the right security group

EternalBlue was developed by the NSA and has been coopted by cybercriminals the world over. It’s essentially exploitation of the SMB vulnerability mentioned earlier. You need to get patches against that, and automated patching, in general, makes sense for this as well as future instances of viral threat.

Monitoring of networks helps administrators determine if an anomalous activity may indicate a ransomware bot or a thieving viral program, helping you digitally quarantine affected machines on your network against compromise. If you can’t quarantine devices on your network in this way, you need to configure your network with such layers.
Firewalls and antivirus protocols should protect the totality of your network, as well as individual machines. Password management can help, as can MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) for those with access to your network who operate in a mobile capacity.

Viably Protecting Operations

At Total Technology Solutions, our IT support experts on Long Island can help you safeguard your business, financial institution or otherwise, against pernicious, repetitive threats like TrickBot. New threats like this will develop with time. Monitoring, layered protection, specific patching, and regular updates are key to protect you. Reach out to us for more information and to know how your business in Long Island can benefit from our IT services.

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