March 24

Defend Against DDoS Attacks with the Help of Cyber Security Experts on Long Island

The rise of cyber attacks has led many businesses on Long Island to work with cyber security professionals. Widespread adoption of digital technology solutions has contributed to a growing awareness among owners and managers that cyber security must be a top priority. Here are ways outsourced IT security can help guard against DDoS attacks.

Nature of DDoS Attacks

DDoS stands for “Distributed Denial of Service”, which is a form of a web spam that clogs up networks with useless information. It can slow down your network and create traffic barriers. Severe attacks might deny access to certain websites or skyrocket email spam.

A DDoS attack is typically launched by a botnet, which is a remote online network with connected devices. Botnets can become infected with malware after hackers create a massive number of IP addresses to facilitate spamming. This type of cyber attack is difficult to fight unless you have in-house or outsourced cyber security solutions on Long Island.

The number of DDoS attacks in the business services industry jumped by nearly 100 percent in 2021. Throughout the year, there were over 200,000 DDos events per week across the United States.

Stepping Up Cybersecurity

The best IT security teams stay updated on the latest cyber attacks and constantly develop new ways to strengthen cyber security. The key to mitigating a DDoS attack is to catch it as soon as possible. If you have an IT team of specialists with advanced detection tools that regularly monitor your network, you can overcome attacks more easily. Here are ways cyber security experts can help:

  • Identify suspicious patterns
  • Send alerts
  • Blacklist certain websites and devices
  • Take steps to block an attack

Working with cloud-based services reduces the chances of a DDoS attack. Cloud-based security offers a high level of data protection. It helps to work with professionals that are proactive about DDoS protection.


Outsourcing to a cyber security service provider on Long Island will help you develop a customized strategy for protecting your digital assets. Working with security experts helps you reduce the odds of a cyberattack. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions to learn more about building robust cybersecurity.

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