June 11

Data Loss Prevention with IT Support on Long Island

Your company’s chances of success partially hinge on how well you protect your data. Your data offers important insights on your customers, your operations and opportunities for business growth. Your company’s financial records, intellectual property, and customer data are especially important. Fail to protect this data and your business just might end up with data problems that cost a considerable amount of money. Don’t fret— our IT support experts on Long Island are here to help prevent such a disastrous scenario.

Avoid the Complacency Trap

Too many business owners and managers assume their data is perfectly fine, well-protected and will always be available. This complacency spurs employees to ignore their data backup methods. Consider a situation in which data is backed up on tape cartridges. If it is necessary to recover the data and some tapes are damaged, important data will be irretrievable. It is also a mistake to stubbornly adhere to data backup methods year-after-year even though data needs evolve. Furthermore, relying on the same data backup procedures for uber-important data as well as data that is relatively unimportant can prove disastrous.

There is no concrete answer as to how much data a business can afford to lose. The permanent loss of data has the potential to cripple some organizations while merely serving as a temporary setback to other businesses. However, the overarching goal of every business should be comprehensive data protection, regardless of its importance.

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Update Data Backup Methods

Data backup methods must be evaluated, tested and improved with regularity. The world of business is dynamic. Regulations change as time progresses. Company policies also evolve. If data security methods are not improved in unison with these alterations, the chances of data loss dramatically increase. Even something as simple as altering the way copies of data are made can make the difference between data security and data loss.

Data Retrieval

We are living in an era of on-demand services and data. Critically important data must be immediately accessible to your internal staff as well as clients. If there is a service interruption or an IT crisis, it is imperative you restore your data and return your operations to normal without an extensive delay. Our IT support team on Long Island is here to help you recover your data as quickly as possible, prevent financial losses and ultimately retain your valued clients.

Do not be intimidated by the challenge of storing ever-growing data. Our data recovery team on Long Island will help you figure out how to safely store your data, ensure your data storage solutions are highly flexible and diversify your risk by storing data across several locations/servers. This way, if a malfunction or a natural disaster occurs at one site, your data will prove accessible from another location.

Do not put your business in jeopardy by tolerating an elevated risk for data loss. At Total Technology Solutions, we can help you with data loss prevention. Reach out to our IT support team on Long Island for data security assistance.

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