October 5

Cyber Security Tips to Keep Your Long Island Business Safe from Ransomware

The anonymity of cryptocurrency has allowed many cybercriminals to extort businesses by using ransomware attacks. Bitcoin is the currency used in the vast majority of these attacks. Many of these ransomware attacks focus on targeting unsuspecting employees that accidentally download an infected attachment or visit an unsafe website. Working with cyber security professionals on Long Island is key in educating employees on how to reduce their chance of becoming a victim of these cyber schemes.

Here’s how you can give your business an added level of protection against ransomware attacks:

Educate Employees

One of the first steps in limiting the effectiveness of ransomware attacks is to educate employees on how to safely use the internet. Employees should avoid downloading email attachments or clicking on hyperlinks within a message unless it’s previously been scanned with anti-malware tools. Scheduling employee cyber security education classes on a regular basis is key to staying proactive, as cyber attacks continue to evolve by using a variety of methods to target businesses.

Create Data Backups

Working with cyber security professionals on Long Island can protect you against ransomware attacks by creating data backups. These backups allow you to access critical information without needing to give in to the demands of cyber criminals. Automatically creating data backups on the cloud will save your employees a lot of time while also giving you much greater peace of mind.

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Develop a Multi-Layered Approach

Using a variety of cyber security methods is key to limiting the effectiveness of ransomware schemes. These methods may include patch management for keeping software up to date, around-the-clock network monitoring, and endpoint security. All of these different cyber security strategies play a vital role in helping your business stay a step ahead of cyber criminals.

Organize a Business Continuity Plan

Cyber security incidents can happen to your business at any time. Creating a business continuity plan is one of the best ways to prepare for a wide range of scenarios. These detailed plans will train your employees on how to respond to ransomware and any other cyber security event in the workplace. Keeping this plan up to date is always important to ensure your company is well-prepared for any situation.

Total Technology Solutions offers cyber security services for Long Island businesses. Our goal is to provide the best IT security available while meeting the needs of each client. We also pride ourselves on providing top-quality customer service. Get in touch with us at Total Technology Solutions to learn more about ways to secure your business against any kind of cyber threats.

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