November 10

Cyber Security Tips on Long Island: How to Secure Your Home Internet Connection

These days, cyber security is a concern among businesses and residents on Long Island. It’s a good idea to make sure your internet connection is as secure as possible by following certain guidelines. Here are important points to know about making your home network more secure:

Implementing Strong Network Security

As any knowledgeable cyber security company on Long Island can suggest, network security is necessary to keep unauthorized users from entering your Wi-Fi network. A combination of powerful software solutions includes encryption and firewalls, along with the use of complex passwords. Keeping software updated contributes to a safe network.

Encryption is among the strongest protective layers of cyber security available. Make sure it’s activated on your router. Using multiple firewalls is also a great defense against unwanted visitors.

Another common solution for maximizing security is to use a virtual private network (VPN). This solution functions as an interface between your devices and the internet. A VPN gives you much more online privacy, as it hides your online activity, even from advertisers. You can either use a free browser-based VPN or subscribe to a monthly cloud service.

Once in a while, you can tighten security even more by renaming your routers and networks. Changing passwords periodically is also a good practice. It’s not a good idea to put off changing the default passwords as long as possible. Hackers prey upon such vulnerabilities.

Renaming your router and Wi-Fi network can get tricky if you don’t coordinate all the changes with each individual device that connects with it. Still, once all the devices are updated, it’s harder for hackers to keep up with your changes.

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Password Tips

  • At least 16 characters
  • Mix of upper and lower case
  • Avoid common words or personal information
  • Only use unique character strings
  • Track all your passwords using password manager software

Taking Further Protective Steps

You can always make your cyber security stronger with additional steps. One example is to turn off your Wi-Fi’s protected setup, known as the WPS button on the router. Even though WPS can be used as a convenient solution for connecting multiple devices, it also allows a vulnerability that a hacker can exploit. When the devices are not used on the network, the WPS button should be in the “off” position.

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