February 8

Cyber Security Tips to Keep Your Email Account Safe

There is a common misconception that email messages are inherently safe. Even if your email has not been hacked or if you haven’t clicked a phishing message, you should know that email has an inherent cyber security risk. Here’s a quick look at how to keep your email account as safe as possible.

Update Email Security Software

Think back to the last time you updated your email security software. If you are like most people, it has been quite a while since you implemented updates for your email security, firewalls and anti-malware software. Make the appropriate updates, and you will have done your part to filter out email scams and correct susceptibilities targeted by hackers. Our cyber security specialists are here to help you implement these essential safeguards.

Encrypt Email Messages

Start encrypting your email message, and potential onlookers will not be able to read the contents of the message. This means even the illegal interception of such messages won’t harm yourself or your organization as the digital miscreant won’t be able to make any sense of the encrypted words.

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Don’t Use the Same Email Account for Everything

It is a mistake to use the same email account for all activities. Instead, segment your business emails from your personal emails with distinct accounts. If someone were to hack into the single email account you use for all purposes, he or she could steal your identity and also sabotage your business account, making it difficult to perform personal banking, communicate with loved ones and interact with colleagues through email.

Be Skeptical of Embedded Links and Attachments

If you see a link within an email message, do not immediately click it. Review the sender of the message and verify the link’s authenticity before clicking. Though some such links are safe, others will infect the computer with malware or redirect you to a website that causes significant harm to your computer. Furthermore, it is a mistake to click email attachments from unknown parties. Do not download or open any such attachment unless you can verify the identity of the sender.

Fortify Your Password

If your email password is the same as it was last year or if it is short and lacks special characters, it is time to change it. Update your email password with a new one containing at least 8 digits including a capital letter, special characters, and numbers so digital criminals cannot crack it.

Total Technology Solutions Is At Your Service!

Our cyber security professionals are a call away. If you are worried about your email security, network security or any other component of your information technology, be safe rather than sorry by leaning on IT security professionals for guidance. Contact us now for more information.

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