June 14

Cyber Security Tips: How to Transmit an Email Securely

As time progresses, more and more businesses are encrypting emails to safeguard important information. Email will still likely be the preferred means of communication in the decades ahead. That many more people will rely on email to interact with others as the transition to working from home continues. Here’s a quick look from our cyber security experts as to how to send a truly secure email.

Email is as Secure as You Make It

You have the power to safeguard your emails. Send encrypted emails, and you won’t have to worry about malware, spoofing, phishing, and other email-related scams. Encryption protects this means of communication from being compromised by hackers and those pretending to be others in a quest to dupe employees into forking over highly sensitive information.

Opt for email encryption, and you will be able to send email messages containing important and valuable information without worry that it will be intercepted. Encryption technology uses an algorithm to disguise email contents and ultimately protect them. This way, cyber thieves, hackers and other digital miscreants cannot read the email message text. Only the intended recipient can access the encrypted email message. Email encryption is performed with a PKI, short for ‘public key infrastructure’.

The email recipient and the sender use digital codes that function as keys to access the transmitted information. The public keys encrypt the contents of the email. These keys are safely stored on key servers with the individual’s name as well as his or her email address. Private keys serve the purpose of decrypting the contents of the email. These keys are stored in a private and secure space on the sender’s device that solely that individual can access. The private key also serves the purpose of being the digital signature of the sender, ultimately confirming the origins of the email.

Do Not be Intimidated by Email Encryption

If you are not a tech guru, don’t assume you cannot use email encryption. Even if you and your team are not quick to implement tech innovations, our cyber security team will help you add email encryption. Let the specialists at a third-party encryption service help protect your email, and you will end up saving a ton of money and time.

Once your email is encrypted, you have will that all-important initial line of defense against costly, frustrating, and time-consuming data breaches. This is exactly what you need to move forward, fully empowered to narrow your focus on your work.

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