October 18

Cyber Security Tips: How to Handle a Compromised Office 365 Account

An Office 365 email account can be compromised in a variety of ways due to the ever-changing number of cyber security threats impacting businesses. Understanding how to handle a compromised email is essential in keeping damages to a minimum. Many times these cyber incidents happen due to phishing scams or social engineering schemes. Working with an IT service provider can help your company learn more about these threats to help limit the damages of these attacks.

Here are actions to take if you believe that your Microsoft Office 365 account is compromised:

Reset Your Password

The first step is to log in to your Office 365 account to reset your password before it’s too late. Changing your password will prevent the cybercriminal from being able to log in to your account again while also helping to keep any damages to a minimum. Signing out of all of your Microsoft accounts is also important in disconnecting the attacker from any other connections to your Office 365 account.

Understand Level of Access

Not all user accounts are equal, as some people have access to Administrator rights while using Office 365. Understanding the access level for the compromised account is important in limiting the damages of this incident. Your IT team will need to perform a detailed analysis to ensure nothing has been modified while the hacker had access to the account.

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Turn On Office 365 Auditing

One way to stay proactive against cyber security threats is to enable Office 365 auditing as an added layer of protection. Using activity auditing makes it possible to identify any suspicious activity within your account. Your IT team can investigate the results of the audit to see if they need to make any additional changes to limit the damages of this incident.

Stay Proactive

Learning from past mistakes is key to protecting your Office 365 account against hackers. Enabling multi-factor authentication and attending security awareness training classes are both key factors in staying proactive against cyber threats. A password manager is helpful in keeping up with a large number of passwords. Never use the same password to keep your account secure.

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