September 14

Cyber Security Tips for Long Island Businesses: How to Limit Insider Recruitment Attacks

Keeping your business safe against cyber security threats is crucial now more than ever. These threats can be wide-ranging, whether you are dealing with ransomware, social engineering, phishing scams, or various types of malware. However, an often-overlooked cyber security threat is known as “insider recruitment” threats, and this form of attack impacted a large number of high-profile users on Twitter.

An insider recruitment attack occurs once a cybercriminal pays a member of your internal staff to help with their scheme. Understanding how to limit the success of these attacks is critical in keeping your data safe against these cybercriminals.

Here are a few key cyber security tips to remember to help you limit the success of insider recruitment attacks against your business on Long Island:

1. Implement a Zero-Trust Network Architecture

One way you can limit these attacks is to create a Zero-Trust Network Architecture for your business. This system only grants end-users with access to specific areas of the network to do their jobs. While this method can limit the damages of an insider recruitment attack, it can’t keep your organization entirely safe due to the social element of these attacks.

2. Monitor Database

Another way you can reduce the damages of these attacks is to monitor your database for any signs of unusual activity. Around-the-clock monitoring services can often prevent an attack from causing widespread damage to your business. Working with cyber security experts on Long Island is a great way to give your business much-needed protection from these threats.

3. Educate Employees to Recognize Red Flags

You can also train all of your employees on how to recognize any unusual behavior or growing discontentment from coworkers. These red flags may be a sign that an employee is unhappy with your company and can pose a significant threat to your business. Addressing a potential problem with an employee before they cause widespread issues with your company is essential to keeping your business secure.

Total Technology Solutions is an IT support company that offers a wide suite of cyber security solutions for Long Island businesses. We understand the importance of limiting downtime and keeping your data protected, as cybercriminals are always looking for new ways to target small business owners. Our experienced IT team can help reduce the chance of an insider recruitment attack by monitoring your business around the clock.

Contact us now to know how we can help protect your business from a wide variety of cyber threats!

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