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Cyber Security Strategies to Reduce Cyberattack Surface | Cyber Security on Long Island

The cyberattack surface is the attackable area that a system exposes to potential attackers. The most common form of cyberattack surface reduction is through patching vulnerabilities in software and hardware. If you’re looking to boost your cyber security on Long Island, this article will explore additional strategies to help reduce your organization’s cyberattack surface. Read on to discover more.

Practice the Zero Trust Approach

In a time when cyber threats are increasing in sophistication, nation-state-sponsored hacking is becoming more prevalent. Your organization needs to take proactive steps to protect itself from cyber-attacks. You can mitigate the attack surface by adopting a zero-trust policy to maximize your cybersecurity. This means you must ensure that nobody can access your data or systems without going through a rigorous authentication process.

The zero-trust approach assumes that all devices, users, and applications accessing your network are untrusted until proven otherwise. This protects you against internal and external attackers by enabling your organization to monitor traffic for malicious activity before it reaches your most sensitive assets.

Conduct Ongoing Vulnerability Access and Management

Today’s world is digitally dependent, with people and businesses relying on computers to accomplish their goals in life. This reliance has made the digital world a lucrative target for cybercriminals who are constantly looking for ways to exploit vulnerabilities to steal information or money.

It’s critically important for your organization to monitor your internal environment continuously to identify vulnerabilities before they’re used against you. An ongoing process of vulnerability supervision will help reduce the cyberattack surface and improve your cyber security on Long Island.

Segment Your Network

In today’s world, there’s no such thing as a secure network.  Millions of pieces of malware and trojans can infect your system and steal information without you even realizing it. When we talk about networks, one way to mitigate the cyber-attack surface is by segmenting them so that if one part becomes compromised, the rest will remain secure.

This means separating different types of traffic so that one kind doesn’t interfere with another, and vice versa. Network segmentation will help mitigate the attack surface area, making it harder for hackers to have access when trying to break down your defenses.

Train Your Employees

It’s essential to take the time and conduct user awareness training programs for your employees. This will help you reduce the cyberattack surface by ensuring that everyone in your company has a general understanding of what they should be looking out for when it comes to cybersecurity threats.


The cyberattack surface is a term used to describe the number of potential attacks made from a particular interface. Several primary and straightforward strategies can help mitigate your organization’s cyberattack surface and boost your cybersecurity. For information about cyberattack surface and cybersecurity on Long Island, contact Total Technology Solutions for actionable help.

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