July 16

Cyber Security Providers on Long Island Help Launch an Offensive Against Cybercrime

Cyber security on Long Island is fundamental for operational stability. Cybercrime is a multi-trillion dollar global growth industry tied symbiotically to technological development. As technology advances, so does cybercrime.

There are startup industries of the “black hat” variety whose entire purpose is to develop malware designed either to steal data, steal money, or malign the operations of a business.

How Do Cyber Security Experts Protect Operations?

Corporate espionage and hacking are real threats, and there is no business that’s safe; especially when you consider automated “worm” viruses which are deployed in the digital realm and left to their own devices.

A malware program can develop in a remote country and circulate around the world if it’s cleverly designed. Accordingly, you need to protect your business proactively as a means of comprehensively securing operations. Following are a few ways the IT security experts can help you do that:

  • Install the latest antivirus and firewall protocols
  • Proactively monitor operations
  • Institute BDR/DRaaS protocols

Install the Latest Antivirus and Firewall Protocols

Cyber security experts on Long Island equip themselves with the latest protection options available on the market. In accordance with Moore’s Law, technology tends to double on itself at eighteen-month intervals in the highest echelons of development.

This trickles down. Black hat startups get ahold of new breakthroughs and design malware with such tech. You need to update firewalls and antivirus options regularly, or risk being wide open to unknown threats.

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Proactively Monitor Operations

Even the best possible antivirus and firewall support can’t stop a determined and skilled hacker. Proactive monitoring and support is integral to identify anomalous behavior on your network, quarantine it, determine if it’s harmful, and keep the total system from being affected negatively.

Institute BDR/DRaaS Protocols

Even if you’ve got the best proactive monitoring and protective software, natural disasters, internal human error, and other unpredictable elements could crash your system.

You need backup and data recovery (BDR) protocols in place. Additionally, many cyber security providers today offer Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). This includes designing reboot protocols, incorporating 3-2-1 rules of data protection, testing systems, and SLAs (Service Level Agreements) which specify an exact level of protection. That is to say, an SLA will require systems be backed up within a certain amount of time.

Effectively Safeguarding Your Business

A cyber security service provider on Long Island like Total Technology Solutions can help you institute effective BDR, proactively monitor operations, and institute the latest protections in terms of firewalls and antivirus protocols. Safeguarding your business is fundamental in a market increasingly rife with cybercrime. For more information on best practices, available options, and vulnerabilities to protect against cyber attacks, feel free to contact us.

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