March 16

Cyber Security on Long Island: Securing Your Business Against Emerging Cyber Attacks

Cyber security on Long Island and around the globe is quickly evolving. With new cyber threats emerging every day, your business could fall prey to cyber-attacks. According to recent studies, nearly 78% of companies lack confidence in cyber security posture. Over the last twelve months, phishing attacks rose by 600%, while ransomware attacks increased by 148%, raising ransomware payments by 33%. From Phishing, cloud vulnerability, AI-enhanced cyber-attacks to social engineering attacks, cyber threats are ever-evolving.

However, 95% of cyber attacks targeting businesses can be stopped by implementing security practices. Here’s how to keep your business ahead of cyber-attackers:

Consider Encrypting Your Business Data

Encrypting your business data renders the information useless in the event of access by unauthorized persons. Data encryption software is available for most operating systems, and you can use it to encrypt business data. Similarly, most cloud solutions come with data encryption.

According to the International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, data encryption tops the list of the most effective database protection tactics. However, if encryption is among your business’s cyber security measures, it is imperative to safeguard the encryption keys from corruption, unauthorized access, and loss. Also, you ought to change the keys regularly and actively manage how they are assigned.

If your business doesn’t have an in-house IT team, you can consult cyber security experts on Long Island for data encryption solutions.

Fostering a Security-Conscious Workplace

In most incidents, employee errors and credential misuse is the leading cause for a data breach in businesses. Most employees seem oblivious to the actions that could increase security vulnerabilities for your business.

Employees with zero cyber security awareness present a lucrative opportunity for cyber-attackers. Until all your employees are well-educated on cyber threats and prevention measures, the risk will only keep growing. With regard to the evolving cyber threats, each employee should have adequate awareness of possible threats facing businesses.

Fostering a security-conscious workforce can significantly lower the overall threat exposure for your business. Since attacks are more prevalent when employees use personal devices for work-related activities, comprehensive training on the safe use of both work and personal devices can go a long way.

Regular Cyber Security Risk Assessments

Security risk assessment helps businesses identify, evaluate, and analyze potential vulnerabilities to ensure you’re using the most appropriate security measures. To get started, you could try some risk assessment resources to understand how your business measures up to industry best practices.

Also, using available security scanning tools can help you get a detailed report of your business’s security health. Based on the report, it becomes easier to decide whether it’s necessary to go for cyber security services. Once you understand which parts of your system are more prone to attacks, you can implement targeted security fixes.


Cyber criminals are always searching for vulnerabilities and strategies to wreak havoc on businesses. By consulting cyber security experts on Long Island, your business can minimize exposure to cyber attacks and focus on growth. To find out more about cyber threats, vulnerabilities, best-practices, and securing your business from cyber attacks, contact us at Total Technology Solutions.

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