March 17

Cyber Security on Long Island: Must-Have Digital Security Practices

Cyberthreats are evolving in unexpected ways with each passing day. If your business is not properly prepared for these digital attacks, it is only a matter of time until you endure a costly breach. Our cyber security team on Long Island is here to educate you about the latest cyber threats and prepare your team accordingly. Let’s take a quick look at the best cybersecurity practices:

Use a Device Management Solution

Device management is the manner in which your business extends existing security strategies to devices used outside of the office and away from the secure in-house network. As an example, your team needs a quick and easy way to wipe valuable data from devices when lost or stolen. The right device management solution ensures your group can securely access essential information from smartphones, tablets and other devices when away from the office. Though this sounds complicated, our cyber security team on Long Island is here to help fortify your digital protections and ultimately advance your bottom line.

Multi-Factor Authentication

There is a good chance that numerous people at your organization use a weak or commonly-used password that can be hacked with surprising ease. Nowadays, it is not enough to simply rely on one password. Your organization needs multi-factor authentication or MFA for short. MFA adds to existing password requirements, providing an additional security layer to verify employee identities. As an example, a one-time code can be transmitted to a smartphone or other device, requiring that specific user to enter it along with the username and password to guarantee evildoers do not improperly access company data.

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Perform a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Cybersecurity risk assessments of your company’s existing defenses reveal if your policies and processes are truly effective. If shortcomings are found during this professional analysis, we will provide detailed recommendations to enhance your digital security.

Cybersecurity Education

The average worker cannot identify phishing emails at first glance. There are subtle clues that seemingly innocent correspondence are actually covert phishing attacks. This essential digital security education just might prevent an attack that would otherwise bring your business to a standstill.

Total Technology Solutions is at Your Service

The number of digital security threats will continue to grow as we quickly transition to a tech-intensive society and business world. Our cyber security team on Long Island is here to help mitigate these threats and keep your business running like a well-oiled machine. Reach out to us today to find out more about how we can help with your digital security needs.

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