January 30

Cyber Security in New York: Why Your Business Needs New Passwords

One of the reasons why more and more businesses are outsourcing to cyber security firms in New York is because they are tired of fighting cybercrime on their own. Even though they may instruct employees to use stronger passwords, the message doesn’t get through as cyberattacks continue to mount. Here are the reasons why an IT consultant or a managed service provider (MSP), can make your life easier.

Consequences of Simple Passwords

Some companies are learning the hard way why you’re supposed to make passwords complex. Perhaps it’s easy to forget how easy it is for hackers to penetrate websites, not because they’re smart, but because they use inexpensive hacking software.

This software can test thousands of password combinations per day until eventually if cracks the account, sometimes after just a week. The days of 4-character passwords are over, so it’s best to make passwords as unique as possible. Security becomes even stronger when you require extra steps for logins.

Suggestions for Protecting Accounts

  • Use complex passwords with at least 8 characters
  • Include upper with lower case letters mixed with numbers and special characters
  • Don’t give passwords to anyone, especially through email
  • Use a password manager app
  • Consider multi-factor authentication

Turning to IT Experts

Any business— big or small— can be breached by cybercriminals. But if you make their job as difficult as possible, rather than as easy as possible, you’ll be in a much safer position. Working with an experienced cyber security firm in New York is the key to maximizing cybersecurity and reducing the odds of downtime.

A reputable IT firm will not only take proactive steps to block hackers— they will also be always on your team for technical advice, such as recommendations for new software. Consider IT outsourcing in New York for mentoring your employees about cybersecurity as well.


Each year more confidential information gets breached than the previous one. Signing up for cyber security services in New York will help reduce this problem while improving your business. Consult our IT experts at Total Technology Solutions today to learn more about improving cybersecurity.

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