September 22

Cyber Security in New York: Ways to Protect Your Business from Phishing

Cyber security professionals in New York strongly advise businesses large and small take care to establish security protocols against phishing. The “Big Apple”, as New York City is called, is a prime target for phishing hacks because there is so much money in that city. Just look at the price of apartments. A high-level theft in the rest of the United States will likely be about 25% as impacting in New York City. So there’s a greater likelihood of payout, too. If you’re running a business with a digital veneer in NYC, you need phishing protection

Safeguarding Operations from Phishing

Cyber security experts in New York advise a number of protections to help your business avoid being phished, or at minimum, reduce the impacts of phishing cybercrime. Consider the following:

Strong Cyber Security Training That Is Refreshed Every Few Months

Security professionals strongly advise training refreshment. Those who use phishing to steal information or money usually have a few characteristics. Associated emails will be sent in the dead of night, grammar will be poor, there will be a time-sensitive nature to such emails, and the actual email addresses used will differ from the real digital addresses they’re pretending to be. These are general features of phishing attacks, but they’re not the only ones; training at intervals helps identify other aspects of phishing attacks to watch out for.

Backing Up Data

Be sure all data is backed up both to track where phishing emails or other information harvesting attempts came from, and when, and to reboot from network “imaging” that predates associated hacks. This helps you keep hackers from retaining access.

Security Protocols in Email Management

Your email management should follow specific protocols. For example, certain sensitive financial or administrative actions should never take place over email; or, if they do, they should require multiple points of contact. Maybe, for example, three managers must sign off on a funds transfer digitally before it can be authorized.

Keeping Your Business More Secure from Phishing Attacks

Total Technology Solutions can help you establish better security protocols, back up data, and train employees. Lastly, our cyber security team in New York can help keep you contemporary as regards best practices in cyber security. Contact us to learn more.

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