May 25

Cyber Security in New York: Ways to Keep Your Customer Information Secured

Securing Data Is Fundamental to Operational Stability

Working with cyber security professionals in New York can help you secure the information of your customers, whether they be new or more tenured. To retain operationally stability, it’s very important customers know their data is secure with you. A breach could result in bad PR and lost customers.

Measures to Take

IT security experts will commonly advise different best practices for different businesses–some need to have more integral security controls than others. That said, in general, all businesses benefit from the following security controls available via quality support:

Assure Sensitive Data Has Access Limitations

Cyber security experts in New York strongly advise sensitive data should have “need-to-know” access protocols defining its access. Nobody but those who need access to data should have access to that data. Managed security service providers (MSPs) can help you determine where data access is leaking to the wrong people, ultimately compromising operational security.

Proper Password Protection Predicates Management

Passwords won’t update themselves–and the data constituting passwords becomes more visible the longer it goes without being updated. Password information must be stored digitally, after all. What makes sense is effective management including password updates every couple of days, weeks, or months, depending on your operation. MSSPs help you find the right balance.

Backups, Updates, Monitoring, and Proactive Security Protocols

Tech experts strongly advise continuous backup to multiple locations. The more often you backup, the better; MSSPs can help you determine feasibility. Also, software needs to be updated in terms of primary-use programs and security. You need to monitor all activity for early anomaly detection; and generally, security should be proactive.

Assuring Information of Customers Is Secure As Possible

MSSPs can help you maintain the safety of your customers’ data through consultation and guidance regarding access limitations, password protocols, backups, updates, monitoring, and proactive security protocols. To learn more about existing data threats and how you can manage them, contact us at Total Technology Solutions. Our cyber security experts in New York are ready to help you!

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