December 24

Cyber Security in New York: Understanding Firewall as a Service (FWaaS)

Cyber security in New York can be a prime factor in determining what sort of cloud provisions your company needs. Something most managed service providers (MSPs) recommend involves built-in cloud security packages, such as Firewall as a Service. FWaaS helps secure networks even when direct network parameters aren’t clear.

For example, mobile devices are commonly operating apart from primarily centralized on-site networks. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaP), Software as a Service (SaaS), and many other cloud options swiftly eradicate network boundaries, and protection is integral. Some more reasons to consider FWaaS include:

Facilitate Mutual Protection for Data of Clients and Partners

IT outsourcing in New York helps keep your data protected, but it also assures both partners and clients aren’t incidentally compromised from the data breach of an unscrupulous cybercriminal. FWaaS is a great feature of such outsourced security.

Maintain Compliance with Legal Restrictions

Cyber security experts in New York must necessarily maintain familiarity with the latest in compliance laws and regulations. They can advise you where risks are, and how to avoid them. FWaaS provides an avenue toward better compliance through expanded protection.

Establish More Competitive Viability

IT outsourcing in New York that helps advise or implement security solutions for cloud interface such as FWaaS reduces the amount of downtime you absorb owing to data breach.

Accordingly, your business can focus internally on establishing a more streamlined core operational efficiency. This allows you to maintain operational relevancy over competition and continuously improve your output.

Is FWaaS Right for Your Business?

Our cyber security experts in New York at Total Technology Solutions can give you deep information about FWaaS and other security options for cloud data management. Such security solutions help you maintain legal compliance, establish increased competitive viability, and comprehensively protect the data of all individuals on your increasingly complex network. Contact us for more information on the cloud and FWaaS.

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