March 29

Cyber Security in New York: The Need for Secure Cloud Storage, Firewall, and Malware Solutions

Cyber security professionals in New York advise that you should keep your business as up-to-date as possible in regard to data storage and network security best practices. Optimization becomes necessary at intervals to maintain your security in this area.

A Closer Look At Necessary Areas of Security Emphasis

IT support experts advise you follow a few different best practices in order to secure the most comprehensive security at a basic level. Certainly, there’s more to be done than the following three things; though as a general starting point for all businesses, such tactics are to be considered:

Protections Against Malware

Cyber security experts in New York strongly suggest effective anti-malware protocols be put into place. This includes software, and it also includes educating employees to avoid activity which puts the data on your network at risk. Both the education of your employees, and the malware software you install, require periodic updates. For best results, acquiring the latest protections the second they become available is advisable.

Establishing Firewall Protections

The latest firewall will do a lot to protect your business against contemporary tech threats, but you can’t just install one firewall and trust you’re protected. New threats get through old firewall protections. You’ve got to, as with anti-malware software, update at intervals.

Secure Storage Through the Cloud

You should use the cloud as a means of storing important data. You can initiate database mirroring, automatic backup, and remote backup solutions simultaneously through cloud solutions.

Accordingly, you’re better able to protect important information should malware or firewall safeguards prove less than satisfactory. Cloud providers maintain the latest security across operational infrastructure for reasons of competitive viability, and basic security necessity.

Getting the Right Infrastructure Protections for Your Business

Total Technology Solutions can help your business establish effective cloud storage options to safeguard data, implement the latest in firewall protections, and assure you’ve got the right antivirus programs to secure your business against the latest malware. To learn more, contact our cyber security team in New York.

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