April 26

Cyber Security in New York: Security Myths That Should Be Ignored

Cyber security experts in New York can do a lot to help you maintain operational efficiency and security in a cost-effective way that positions your business, large or small, more competitively in the market. One way this is done is by helping you avoid being taken in by common myths regarding tech security.

Common Cyber Security Myths to Watch Out For

Following are three key areas where such misunderstandings tend to occur; be sure you’re not taken in by the wrong perspective!

1. Compliance and Security Are Not Synonymous

Legal compliance doesn’t account for trending cybercriminal activity. New means of exploiting operational vulnerabilities develop almost continuously. If you’re just compliant with what the law says, you’ve got a vulnerability somewhere that should be addressed before it becomes a problem.

2. Data Consolidation Does Not Expand Operational Security

Cyber security professionals in New York can help you set up secure backup solutions which keep your business from being backhanded by an event that totally wipes out localized hard-drives. If all your data is in one place, it’s like putting all your eggs in one basket. Drop the basket, and you lose the eggs. A better idea is three separate backups that are located in different places; only one of which is on-site.

3. Pen-Tests Have Not Been Outmoded, and Total Internal Management Isn’t Always Best

Security experts advise you not to forsake penetration testing. The Internet of Things, or IoT, has made it so hackers have more vulnerable areas they can use to gain entry. Also, if you’re managing everything internally, security is limited by your tech budget. Outsourcing puts full-scale solutions at your fingertips that would be too expensive otherwise.

Don’t Be Taken In by the Myths

Cyber security professionals in New York advise that every business should do more than just comply for best security. Also, you should expand data repositories beyond on-site backups, conduct pen-tests at intervals, and look into outsourced technology solutions. To learn more about the best way to secure your business, contact us at Total Technology Solutions.

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