August 13

Cyber Security in New York: Policies Are Protection

When it comes to protecting your business against cyber threats, a lot of the discussion focuses on technological solutions to the security problem. However, the crux of the matter is that maintaining cyber security in New York is largely a matter of ensuring your workforce follows safe practices. And the way to enforce best practice is to encode it in corporate policies. After all, if your business hasn’t codified the rules needed to stay safe, how can you communicate that to your workers?

Promote Policies Through Communication, Training, and Protocols

Cybercriminals work by exploiting two basic types of vulnerability— people and technology. Vulnerabilities in technology can be addressed, but it always requires people to implement those fixes. That leaves us with the people. Some people in your organization are (or should be) tasked with the job of ensuring the software and hardware you use is secure. Much of that can be automated or maintained through programmed rulesets.

Beware the Phones and Mails

However, that still leaves room for cybercrooks to exploit vulnerabilities in the way your non-tech staff uses the software and hardware tools in their daily jobs. One area that is forgotten quite often is daily communication. Both telephone calls and emails need to be handled in a way that maintains cyber security. By creating policies and protocols and training staff to implement those, there is less room for social engineering attacks to succeed.


Ideally, you’ve either replaced passwords as the security controls for your systems or bolstered them with multi-factor authentication, where smart cards, fingerprint scanners, or security tokens can be added. Ensure all staff understand and obey the importance of strong passwords. Enforce the changing of passwords on a regular basis and counsel against writing down passwords.

Automate Monitoring and Remediation

Much of the battle against cybercrime can be automated. Robust, feature-rich tools can learn to sniff out suspicious activity on your networks. Where problems are flagged up, these tools can often implement fixes automatically, forestalling a disaster before it can even begin. These tools can be acquired as services, meaning they’re cost-effective, easy to implement, and are maintained by cyber security experts in New York, giving you the ultimate protection.

The Secure Mindset

Corporate IT security is, above all else, a matter of mindset. Cyber security practices in New York need to be implemented from the top down by creating and maintaining policies that can be implemented as protocols and processes. Informed staff using appropriate tools properly keeps you safe. Total Technology Solutions can help you bolster that informed mindset. To learn more, contact us now.

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