January 14

Cyber Security in New York: How to Keep Your Data Safe When Using the Cloud

Data management is both a security issue and a compliance concern that every business should think about. Cloud computing has been a game changer in how people and companies backup, store, manage, and access their data. It has brought so much convenience and speed and opened up new opportunities for remote work and collaboration. As with any new thing, one must fully understand the new security issues and concerns that it brings. This helps you plan your cyber security in New York.

Security Risks When Using the Cloud

The cloud is many things. It can improve your business and your disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Despite all these great benefits, the security of your data is still a concern. As long as you have sensitive information on the internet, you can’t be too comfortable. There are measures you can take to make sure your data is protected and that you have the best in terms of cyber security in New York. Firstly, however, you must have a good grasp of the issues and security risks of using the cloud.

Some of the possible risks relate to the security of the infrastructure and the security and access controls that your service provider has. Other risks relate to how you use the service. Consider your password management and access control and how and when you access the data. Other risks include malware, cyber-attacks, poor training, and non-compliance.

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Solutions to Protect Your Data

Understanding the specific risks to watch out for helps you devise a plan to tackle these. Start off by thinking about what kind of data you are storing and where you are storing it. Not all sensitive data should be stored everywhere. Additionally, most experts recommend having multiple backups, so you can still use a physical backup in addition to the cloud.

Next, you can consider who has access to your stored data. Make sure you have strong passwords on all accounts. Be sure to restrict who can access what in your company. Your business data must be accessed from a secure location on a secure network. Also chose to work with a reliable and reputable service provider. Finally, make use of various protective measures including anti-virus programs, active monitoring, and data encryption.

If you are concerned about your cyber security in New York, why not consult the experts? At Total Technology Solutions, we understand data management and protection. We can help you protect your data and maximize your use of the cloud. Contact us to learn more.

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