January 8

Cyber Security in New York: The Importance of Penetration Testing

Penetration tests are performed to highlight security flaws that can be exploited by malevolent individuals. This interactive study is distinct from vulnerability scans. Vulnerability scans are performed in an automated manner with software. Penetration tests are performed by experienced and well-trained cyber security professionals in New York. These tests are an excellent means of identifying shortcomings that automated scans sometimes miss.

Penetration Testing’s Multiple Viewpoints

Penetration tests are performed from two distinct points of view: internal and external. The internal view is provided with testing from within the business’s private network. The external view is the public IP address. The test of the server hosting the page from the operator’s position is considered an external point of view. All different types of penetration tests are performed:

  • Network penetration testing
  • Wireless network penetration
  • Host configuration
  • Mobile device penetration
  • Client-server application penetration

Why Penetration Tests are Necessary

Penetration testing is necessary for a variety of reasons. Some businesses opt for penetration testing before signing a contract for breach insurance. Penetration testing is also helpful following meaningful changes to the network or website or the installation of new software or additional upgrades. If there is unauthorized traffic identified on the network, malware, viruses or spyware, penetration testing will be necessary. Plenty of businesses opt for this testing to comply with HIPAA/PCI-DSS security audits. Furthermore, businesses that store data considered even slightly important and has not had a penetration test conducted should have this test completed as soon as possible.

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Penetration Testing is Also Necessary for Data Stored in the Cloud

Business owners and managers often assume penetration testing is unnecessary as data is stored in the cloud. However, the cloud is not completely secure. Furthermore, cloud providers cannot control the software your business uses. Custom software is typically laden with security vulnerabilities.

There is no reason to fear a penetration test. Do not believe the misinformation making the rounds about how this testing supposedly puts systems in jeopardy. Hire the best cyber security team in New York to perform your penetration test, and you will have no worries. The experts know exactly how to conduct penetration testing to prevent downtime, risks, and data loss. Regardless of whether your data is stored in the cloud or in-house, penetration testing will highlight weaknesses and help you safeguard your data.

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