February 12

Cyber Security in New York: The Importance of Encryption to Businesses

If you have been using computers for running your business, then chances are that you might have come across this term called “encryption”. Have you stopped to ask yourself what it means? Most importantly, have you paused to consider its relevance to your business? Or are you like some who think that such terms should only be a preserve for IT practitioners like the cyber security experts in New York? Well, if you thought so, let me be clear from the onset, you thought wrong. Read on and get to discover the need-to-know facts concerning encryption.

What is Encryption?

Simply put, encryption is the process by which codes are used to restrict access to information. This restriction serves to lock out third parties from accessing the information and only allows those authorized to access the information to do so. Encryption, when well-deployed, can help to lock out hackers and prevent your critical data from being stolen.

Why Do You Need Encryption?

The reason is simple— hackers want to steal your data. Yes. If you thought that your firm is too small to ever attract the attention of hackers, you thought wrong again.

Listen, most of the large corporations that you see today were once small to medium firms. That means that your firm is also well on its way to becoming a large corporation someday soon.

Protecting your small firms and its critical resources should be your topmost priority, and a good cyber security solutions provider in New York can help you with that.

What Does Data Encryption Technology Do?

Data encryption helps to encrypt data. Self-explanatory, yes? Well, by encrypting data, this means that hackers lurking around on the internet won’t be able to hijack the data while on transit or break through your network’s firewall to steal your data. Encryption makes data unreadable until after it has been decrypted.

What Are Examples of Data That Can Be Encrypted?

Encryption can be used to protect a wide range of data including personal data, employee files, trade secrets, customer data, credit card numbers, tax information, among others. Encryption protects your firm’s critical information from rogue employees and hackers and helps you to stay compliant to industry regulations

How is Encryption Done?

Encryption is achieved by using encryption algorithms that include the Caesar cipher, AES, SDES, RSA and ECDSA.

The best way to do this is by getting in touch with cyber security experts in New York. At Total Technology Solutions, we are ready to answer any of your queries concerning encryption and cybersecurity-related queries. Contact us now to learn more.

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