January 2

Cyber Security in New York: How to Identify Internal Security Risks

Cyber security experts in New York commonly advise SMBs and even larger enterprises to carefully design internal security protocols. Your worst digital threats will be internal, and that’s for a number of reasons.

New York IT support can help you identify that which commonly results in internal personnel compromising your network. There tend to be a few commonalities which come into play, including:

Ignorance, Apathy, and Convenience

Cyber security experts in New York can be essential in helping you educate personnel pertaining to secure operational best practices.

Many employees compromise your network incidentally through lack of understanding pertaining to where the dangers are. Some employees just don’t care, and that requires more careful management. Some employees will access information they shouldn’t because it’s convenient.

Finding ways to make secure pathways more convenient helps offset this, discipline overcomes apathy, education overcomes ignorance. However, sometimes these options aren’t directly available; sometimes inconvenience is crucial to security. You need to know the “why” to know where to fortify security.

Curiosity and Helpfulness

New York IT support companies generally deal with diverse clients who sometimes see employee curiosity lead to security compromise. Sometimes employees compromise your network because they’ve got downtime and they’re just surfing the web.

Either eliminate downtime or put up firewalls restricting their access— if such options are feasible. Some employees just want to be helpful to clients, and so they access data that compromises your network. Education can help nip this problem in the bud.

Ambition and Frustration

Ambitious employees try to get an edge up on competitors among the teams they’re a part of. Frustration causes employees to cut corners. Ambition is good when channeled, but unchecked can lead to betrayal. Frustration can be avoided in part through operational optimization.

Establishing Internal Practices That Reduce Security Risks

Cyber security in New York through Total Technology Solutions can help you figure out where employee actions could be putting your business at risk. When you know where the danger is, you can defer employee frustration, meter curiosity, cull apathy, and expand convenience. Additionally, you can channel ambition, maximize helpfulness, and educate tech ignorance away. Identifying where employees could put your company at risk, and counteracting such potential, is key to secure operations. Contact us for more information on such common threats and what you can do to avoid them.

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