December 28

Cyber Security in New York: How to Maintain Remote Security Against Phishing

Phishing Is More Dangerous with Decentralized Infrastructure

Cyber security professionals in New York are now helping businesses with their on-site and off-site operations. Today, decentralization has been forced on most businesses owing to the pandemic crisis. This opens you up to phishing scams which are harder to stop than they would be on-site.

Measures to Take for Remote Operations Protection

Cyber security experts in New York will commonly advise specific businesses on specific means of protection against phishing. That said, given the swiftness of decentralization in 2020, many phishing scams will have similarities between them. Following, we’ll cover some general protection steps against phishing scams directed at remote employees in 2020:

Design Email Spam Filters That Can Be Relied On

IT security experts will advise that your first line of defense should be spam filters which stop phishing scams before they start. Certain identifiers will keep bad emails from the inbox of you or employees, even if they’re remote.

Educate All Employees Pertaining to Phishing Threats

The best spam filter can’t stop poor decisions that compromise your network. Employees need to be educated as pertains to which specific phishing threats are out there, which are most likely to impact your specific business, and how best to keep from being impacted in terms of best practices.

VPN Options for Employees, or Incentivizing Self-Guided Security

You should encourage employees to adopt Virtual Private Network (VPN) options through incentive or other means.

You might even chalk this up to overhead and purchase VPNs for them. VPNs are designed for remote security, and so patch up many vulnerabilities new businesses following remote protocols aren’t prepared for.

Securing Operations Against Phishing

Our cyber security experts in New York can help you educate employees, provide incentivized self-guided security, incorporate VPNs, and put effective spam filters in place. To learn more about the need to secure operations, and how best to do it, contact us at Total Technology Solutions.

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