July 26

Cyber Security in New York: Here’s Why You Need Email Encryption

Working with cyber security experts in New York can help you deflect impacts to individual devices, networks, data, and the security of those who you send messages to through simple email encryption. The information age puts a premium on effective data management. Without taking this into account, you’re definitely at risk. Without encryption, your data is open to whoever wants it.

Cyber security services represent a fine avenue for determining whether emails are protected and ensuring hackers can’t gain access to your network.

Servers and Devices Without Email Encryption Are At Risk

Cyber security service providers in New York can help keep both devices and servers safe through encryption. Without encryption, as emails are sent, hackers have access to them, and those emails can be manipulated.

Don’t think, just because you’ve got a top-tier provider, that you’re automatically encrypted. Many high-end providers offer no encryption unless the customer specifically requests it one way or another. Definitely check to see where things are at with the service you’re using now.

Unencrypted Emails Are Often Not Accepted by “Secured” Recipients

If you’re not operating with encryption, the customers you serve may automatically reject your messages. When they’re encrypted, and you’re not, their protections could bar you from communication. That can sour important deals fast.

Unsecured Recipients Can Facilitate Viral Propagation, and Data Can Be Stolen

Cutting-edge security providers provide email encryption which prevents your messages from becoming a viral vector or losing data through theft. When you’re not encrypted, both possibilities manifest.

Designing Email Security

We at Total Technology Solutions can help you find whether your email service is utilizing encryption. If it isn’t, servers, devices, and recipients can be protected; and that includes safeguards against viral propagation or data theft. For protection, reach out to our cyber security professionals in New York.

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