November 19

Why Cyber Security in New York is Essential for Patch Management

Cyber security firms in New York must remain cutting-edge if it’s going to stay competitive. Technology is always moving forward— the goal posts are always shifting. To understand this, just consider Moore’s Law.

Gordon Moore discovered in the 60s that technology compounds in terms of computational ability on a statistically consistent curve. Over time, the interval of exponential doubling which defines technology’s forward march is often described as being about eighteen months. Meanwhile, server, desktop, and laptops usually only have three to five-year lifespans.


Between technology’s swift rate of advancement and the lifespan of associated tech products, there’s a balance you must attain going forward. You need to buy the right tech at the right time and manage it properly throughout its tenure with your company in order to mature your investment. What complicates everything is cyber security.

As software and technology develop, so do cybercriminal tactics. It is estimated that by the year 2021, cybercrime will hit $6 trillion. That’s not trifling. As there is a black market in substances, there is a black market in malware. There are additionally countless “startup companies” essentially providing cybercriminal services. These organizations are called “black hats” by those in the industry.

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Whatever security you had when you started operations, if you’ve been functioning more than a year, and have not updated, you’ve got vulnerabilities you don’t even realize. Cyber security in New York can evaluate your business for vulnerabilities and help you patch them before it’s too late.

“Patching” is the perfect word to describe this action, as a matter of fact. The term “patch” applies primarily to software updates which become necessary as software transitions. Specifically, patches are often applied when some hitherto unknown threat is discovered.

In 2017, the North Korean WannaCry virus lapped the world and affected 150+ countries. There was about a month-long window where businesses could patch themselves against the virus’s onslaught. What facilitated it was a vulnerability made public.

The NSA built a backdoor into certain tech, and this was revealed in March of 2017. WannaCry hit in May. Businesses working with MSPs that were contemporary with the industry were safe. Those who didn’t patch in time were not. There were doubtless many IT groups functioning internally who were undermined.


Altogether, patching is important because:

  • Technology is always changing
  • Cybercrime is a trillion-dollar industry
  • It’s essential to continuously update security profiles

Cyber security in New York through Total Technology Solutions can help you keep contemporary with shifting tech, safeguard your operations against cybercriminal intrusion and continuously update security profiles. Contact us for more information on patching and other security measures.

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