July 24

Cyber Security in New York Is Essential in Combating Expanding Social Engineering Hacks

Right now, cyber security experts in New York commonly include protection strategies against social engineering hacks, and they have to: this sort of cybercrime has increased 500% since the first quarter of 2018. A year and a half later, in 2019, this threat is still a big issue. To avoid being undermined by it, there are a few best practices worth considering, such as:

Security Training Refresher Courses

Cyber security professionals in New York recommend a program of continual training for personnel. Social engineering hacks are pernicious and sly–just look at this video. In it, a woman acts like the wife of an account holder, even putting on canned infant noises in the background to pressure the customer service representative on the phone.

Such tactics shift as strategies are found out by targets. Refresher training courses help reveal the latest ways cybercriminals steal data and additionally help encourage day-to-day best practices in terms of web usage.

Ironclad Internal Communications Protocols

When funds or sensitive information are transferred, this should be couched in ironclad best-practices protocols including multiple levels of verification to avoid varying levels of social engineering hacks and cybercriminal exploitation.

Monitoring and Support Which Identifies Anomalous Behavior

IT security specialists can provide necessary monitoring and support options which can help you identify anomalous activity in your network. Sometimes, despite the best protocols, social engineering hackers are clever enough to breach defenses. Accordingly, mechanisms to identify and digitally “quarantine” them can be key.

Don’t Get Hacked

At Total Technology Solutions, our cyber security experts in New York can help you develop ironclad internal communications protocols and conduct regular security training to help stop social engineering hacks. Additionally, we can help monitor and support operations in case defenses are still compromised. Contact us now for more information.

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