November 22

Cyber Security in New York: Considerable Solutions to Strengthen Your Email Operation

Cyber security firms in New York must often help their clients deal with issues arising from poor email management. This is one reason email protections and best practices are strongly emphasized by MSPs. Your email opens a door to your network, however minute. If you don’t guard that door, you’re a sitting duck.

Tactics to Maximize Email Security

You’re going to have strange emails at some point. Everyone on your staff needs to know what to do when they come. Additionally, you want an email management system that’s professional enough to automatically screen-out certain known malicious messages. Additional tactics include:

Regularly Educate Personnel

Managed IT services providers in New York advise you institute education courses for your personnel at intervals. They’re going to be the ones most likely to make mistakes, perhaps accidentally downloading ransomware onto your network. Help them know what to look for, what to do, what not to do, and how to keep safe when using email.

MFA, Automatic Software Update

Cyber security firms in New York can help you institute Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Oftentimes, businesses today have company devices operating remotely and accessing your network. Sometimes, hackers get information which allow them to “surrogate” such devices. MFA can ensure that even should some login information leak out, the wrong devices don’t get access to the network. Regular software updates are considerable to keep MFA protocols contemporary.

Email Encryption

Managed IT services providers in New York advise encryption of emails coming and going. It’s hard to imagine why you wouldn’t do this. Be sure your email framework includes encryption solutions to protect your data as it travels across the web.

Reliable Email Security

Cyber security firms in New York, like Total Technology Solutions, can help you determine encryption protocols, figure out how software updates may best help your operation, institute MFA, and line out educational solutions. Contact us to learn more about what you need to be secure and how to get such security solutions.

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