October 23

Cyber Security in New York Can Preserve Your Business Network from Shadow IT

Cyber security firms in New York can help you maintain a safe working environment. Shadow IT is dangerous. Essentially, shadow IT is software operating on your network that’s not logged or approved.

Say you’ve got a team of five who downloaded some innocent multi-player Tetris-type game. Well, if that’s not documented, you don’t know if there’s some hidden Trojan virus in the game’s programming. Shadow IT is anything operating on your network that you don’t know about beforehand. The “shadow” comes from the potential fallout a virus like a Trojan could produce.

Common Threats

New York IT support providers can help you identify shadow IT and curtail its negative potential. Serious fallout that can be prevented include the following shadow IT threats:

  • Blind spots in data
  • Collateral expenses undocumented
  • The potential to be out of compliance

Blind Spots in Data

Cyber security firms in New York can help you get an idea of where your data is secure and where it’s vulnerable. Shadow IT is invisible to examination— you don’t even know it’s there.

A DDoS virus could hide in a third-party application and take over an end-user portal during a sensitive operation. Ransomware could be downloaded. The list goes on.

Collateral Expenses Undocumented

New York IT support can cost your organization money incidentally. Ransomware that siphons minute amounts from bank accounts, tech issues requiring costly resolution, downtime, lost employee productivity, and other costly issues arise from shadow IT.

The Potential to Be Out of Compliance

Shadow IT can put your clientele at risk collaterally. Cybercriminals often utilize third-party apps or “generic” versions of expensive programs to piggyback into networks and wreak havoc. If clientele personal data should be compromised, you could face legal fines for being out of compliance.

Comprehensively Protecting Yourself from Shadow IT

Cyber security firms in New York like Total Technology Solutions can help you retain compliance, avoid collateral undocumented expenses, and patch blind spots which derive from shadow IT. We can advise you on protection protocols, employee education, and other solutions. Contact us for more information.

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