April 10

Cyber Security Experts in New York Can Help Give You an Edge on Cybercriminal Strategies

Working with cyber security experts in New York is essential in keeping your business apprised of operational threats. Collateral to technological innovation, cybercrime startups develop new viruses designed to exploit new vulnerabilities. Consider IoT, as an example.

IoT expands digital surface area, increasing the prevalence of unsecured entry-points. However, having some level of IoT is core to competitive viability. It’s a bit of a Catch-22. If you want BYOD protocols interfacing with cloud-floated desktop interfaces decentralizing operations, saving tens of thousands of dollars a month, and expanding potentiality, you’ll need to have some level of security.

There are many security techniques cyber security experts use to keep clients secure and against burgeoning cybercriminal threat specifically. One of the most effective ones is called a “dark web scan”.

What is a Dark Web Scan?

Cyber security experts in New York will use a combination of AI and professionalism to determine if your business is threatened by anything specifically on the dark web. Additionally, they’ll look into generalized developing threats and varying features of security necessary to combat new tech threats.

Stolen credentials can act like a hole in the vessel of your business, gradually sinking it until the weight of data breach is too great for the business boat to stay afloat. Even worse is if a cybercriminal manages to obtain clientele information and exploit it. That’s terrible PR; and though what was done may not have been preventable, you will be blamed. Meanwhile, ransomware, malware, spyware, social engineering hacks, and internal user error can be avoided through working with security experts.

A system of continuous monitoring and support buffered by the latest antivirus programs, firewalls, and patches will be necessary. Once such IT security infrastructure is in place, dark web scans help direct security groups pertaining to where fortifications are most necessary. When credentials are discovered despite security protocols, this can help tech teams chase down an information leak and patch the breach before anyone else is affected.

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Collateral Threats

Modern technology is litigious. All 50 states in America have legislation which is designed to protect citizens against PI (Private Information) becoming compromised through security breach.

If you don’t report breached information, you can be fined; sometimes for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Security experts can keep you in compliance, not only securing you against cybercriminal threats, but against collateral legal fallout.

Comprehensive Protection

Our cyber security experts in New York at Total Technology Solutions can protect your business against cybercriminal threats and collateral risks like legal fallout. Contact us for more information on tech security and best practices to secure your business.

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