March 25

How Our Cyber Security Team in New York Can Block Cyber-Attacks

Without proper cyber security in New York, your business is vulnerable to a ransomware attack. Hackers have been targeting companies of all sizes, costing them billions of dollars in damages. The best way to prevent hackers from penetrating your network is to work with experienced IT consultants who know how to build a multi-layered security solution for your specific business.

Why Data Protection is a Never-Ending Process

One of the top goals of your IT support team is to keep your data safe from cyber-attacks, power outages, and hardware failure. Neglecting to regularly back up your data creates a high risk of losing access to data if your company is ever hit with a ransomware attack. Hackers prey on vulnerable companies to lock up computers with malware delivered through email. They hold a key to unlocking the computers if the victim pays a ransom fee in cryptocurrency by a certain deadline.

If your data is backed up in multiple places by a cyber security team in New York, you can at least feel confident that you can still restore your data. A cyber-attack, however, can cause plenty of damage to your business continuity, reputation, and financial situation. Every business needs to be concerned that hackers continue to get more advanced. That’s why it’s important to surround your firm with IT experts who keep up with the latest security technology.

The two types of ransomware are one that encrypts files on a system and another that locks up a computer screen. Once the ransomware is paid the attacker decrypts the files. Otherwise, a ransom note appears on the screen until the deadline. If the ransom has not been paid by then the hacker starts destroying files.

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Preparing Against Ransomware

The best way to fight ransomware is to take a proactive approach. The more you back up your critical data, the less chance you will have to deal with missing or corrupt files in the event of a breach. Since email is the main way ransomware attackers penetrate systems, it’s important to train employees to beware of suspicious emails that imitate popular domains. Attackers will create fake web pages and email accounts with URLs similar to popular brand names to fool victims.

Both security experts and law enforcement officials strongly advise all businesses not to pay a ransom. You will never have to worry about attackers destroying digital assets if you keep them backed up.


At Total Technology Solutions, our cyber security team in New York will protect your data off with multi-layered security, regular data backups, and a disaster recovery plan. Contact us to learn more about protecting your business.

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