March 24

Cyber Security in New York: Balancing Security and Productivity

Cyber security specialists in New York advise you to keep tech networks as secure as feasibly possible, but if doing so continuously reduces productivity, you’re losing money unnecessarily. Balance between security and productivity is fundamental.

How to Achieve Balanced Outcomes

Cyber security professionals in New York can help you figure out which innovations best fit the needs of your company. Everything will be unique to a given operation–though similarities tend to define industries. With that in mind, a few common strategies that may help you include the following:

  • Design Security and Operational Infrastructure With Transition In Mind
  • Consider Inherently Flexible Options Such As BYOD
  • Adaptive Augmentation And SSO Save Time

Design Security and Operational Infrastructure with Transition in Mind

Managed security services providers must commonly handle data breaches which develop from novel cybercriminal developments. As new “white hat” technology develops, simultaneously, black hat options manifest.

Operational security should be designed to change. Compartmentalization in architecture allows for modular expansion. Think similarly in terms of the construction of your security build.

Consider Inherently Flexible Options Such As BYOD

Bring your own device (BYOD) is productive for many different business infrastructures. It cuts space and equipment costs as well; and since you’re relying on employees to source their own tech, you’ve got greater flexibility in hiring practices. You’ll want MDM (Mobile Device Management) protocols and security options like Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for best results.

Adaptive Augmentation and SSO Save Time

Whatever security options you use should be time-savers. Single Sign-On (SSO) makes it so one login gives users access to multiple services on a given network. Adaptive augmentation memorizes employee patterns to determine the likelihood of identity, further streamlining login processes in a secure way.

Designing Security with Flexibility

At Total Technology Solutions, our cyber security experts in New York can help you determine whether adaptive augmentation, SSO, BYOD, MFA, or MDM are right for your business. They might all be. Whatever you do, be flexible: the goalposts of tech are always moving. Contact us now for more information.

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