December 28

Cyber Security in New York: Advantages of IAM Solutions to Your Business

With the ever-increasing use of connected devices, security threats are becoming a major concern for businesses. However, it is possible to thwart them with the help of a cyber security firm in New York. Ideally, it is pertinent to collaborate with a managed IT services provider in New York for access to cutting-edge solutions to mitigate the risk of IT security breaches.

The leading solution today is an Identity Access Management (IAM) system. It allows you to give users restricted access and limit their permission to specific data and network resources. As a result, you’ll be able to limit unauthorized access to your internal networks with improved efficiency.

Below are more benefits of deploying an IAM system:

Enhanced Data Security

The era of digital transformation provides hackers with numerous avenues to attack your corporate networks and steal data. However, with a robust IAM solution, you can consolidate the authentication and authorization processes of your networks on one platform to enforce adherence to data access policies. In turn, you’ll achieve consistent monitoring and enforcement of access level privileges and enable the detection and prevention of spear phishing.

Moreover, you’ll have a centralized user termination process for retirees to revoke their access across all platforms within your networks.

Lower Security Costs

Cyber security firms in New York help businesses deploy a central IAM platform that allows for a single point administration of all technology nodes. As a result, you’ll need fewer in-house IT staff and reduce the tedious burden of integrating several, independent access control systems. This will save you time and reduce security costs significantly.

Better User Experience

When your staff receives data access authorization from a centralized platform for all their work, they’ll only require one sign-on, which makes their interaction with technology infrastructure easy and convenient. Thus, they’ll perform at optimum, free from security clearance conflicts.

At Total Technology Solutions, we can help you select the right IAM solution. If you need more information about cyber security in New York, contact us today.

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